Handelsblatt – 2003/06/02

Handelsblatt – 2003/06/02

Small companies discover their history, by Ann-Katrin Johannsmann

Anniversary or PR campaign: company histories are booming

Already a dozen historical agencies are offering their services in Germany alongside numerous journalists and freelance researchers who write company histories. Often the work of those institutes can be traced back to history studies of the young entrepreneurs. That also applies to Facts & Files in Berlin. The founders Frank Drauschke, Beate Schreiber, and Joerg Rudolph met at the university. ‘We have specialized in archival research and databases’, Drauschke says. Commissioned by the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims they searched for insurance policies of victims of the Holocaust. […] The discussion about the role of the industry in the Third Reich and the compensation of forced labourers caused the need of clearing up in many companies.[…] ‘As a result of that debate smaller companies have begun to acknowledge their Nazi past, too”, Drauschke says.


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