Teaching Resources for the Movie

FÜHRER EX is the enthralling story of two young men from the GDR who blunder into extreme right wing groups. Winfried Bonengel wrote the script together with former Neo-Nazi Ingo Hasselbach. It is based on their best selling book “Die Abrechnung”.

In September 2002, Facts & Files created a CD-ROM and a brochure as teaching resources for the movie. The CD-ROM offers a substantial amount of background information on the theme of FÜHRER EX. Young people and teachers are invited to discover new information about right wing radicalism, Punks, opposition and youth in East Germany. The CD-ROM contains texts, original documents, photos, interviews, videos, and audio material about the film, which are an ideal basis for debate in school lessons and in youth organisations. Moreover, the user can go ‘backstage’ and experience the making of the film FÜHRER EX.


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