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Culture & Academics


Museums and Exhibitions

Museums and other organisations commission Facts & Files to find photos, documents and artefacts for use in exhibitions on specific historical topics.

Archival Service

Facts & Files registers archival holdings and collection items of museums and institutions and organizes unsorted document holdings. It records the data in specially designed databases and collates finding aids. In addition, Facts & Files offers expert consulting on establishing, maintenance, and reorganization of archives.


Facts & Files researches historical sources and accesses previously unknown information to contribute to or create historical publications.

Expertise and Analysis

Facts & Files offers a consultancy service within the framework of international academic research projects. It also takes on the responsibility for the planning and coordination of archival research worldwide. Facts & Files provides historical expertise and analysis on specific focal points and offers advice on research strategies.

Lucas Cranach, der Ältere: Portrait eines Mannes, 1522

Art Collection of August, Serena and Erich Lederer

Since February 2020 Facts & Files has been commissioned by Ralf von Jacobs to conduct provenance research on the art collection of August, Serena and Erich Lederer.

Karte von Tsingtau, 1905, Verleger John Bartholomew (Edinburgh).

Objects at East Frisian Museums

The aim of the provenance research project on objects at four East Frisian museums is to reconstruct the colonial contexts of the objects, which have so far mainly been classified as “seafarers’ souvenirs” from China, and to research problematic contexts of appropriation.

Wittenberg, 2020

Municipal Collections of Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Provenance research project on objects from the collection of Julius Riemer, formerly in the collection of the Berlin zoologist and mammalogist Oscar R. Neumann.

Art Collection of the Koch Family

The provenance research project aims to reconstruct the art collection of the Wiesbaden pediatrician Georg Koch and his wife Lotte, née Seeligmann.

Art Collection David Leder, Chemnitz/Berlin

The provenance research project on the collection of David and Lola Leder, Chemnitz/Berlin, began in June 2021. The project aims to reconstruct David Leder’s art collection, research the provenance and whereabouts of artworks from the collection, and identify artworks.

Provenance Research on the painting “Women at the Flower Garden” by Emil Nolde

Facts & Files conducted research on the provenance of the painting “Women at the Flower Garden“ from January 2015 to June 2015. Since 1958, the painting was with the collection of the Lehmbruck-Museum in Duisburg. Until 1942 it was in the art collection of Eduard Müller. In 2017, the painting was restituted to the heirs of Eduard Müller.

Europeana 1914-1918

Launched in 2011, the “Europeana 1914–1918” project is a pan-European collection of personal memorabilia from the First World War

Facts & Files was handling press relations and organised the collection days during which documents and other objects could be digitised.

Provenance Research on the Library of the Berlin State Archive

commissioned by the Berlin State Archive

Starting January 2020, Facts & Files has been investigating the provenance of the holdings of the Berlin State Archive’s library. This academic reference library contains about 150,000 records.

Building of the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen, February 2016 © Facts & Files

Art Collections at the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen

Provenance Research on 323 art objects of the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum in Ludwigshafen (April 2016 to September 2019)

The project focused on medieval art pieces which were acquired by Wilhelm Hack in the 1930s, on the collection of modern art he accumulated in the 1940s, and on Expressionistic art pieces collected by the city of Ludwigshafen.

Seminars on Archvial Research

In cooperation with universities Facts & Files offers seminars for archival research.

The History of the Court of Auditors of the German Reich

Since January 2015 Facts & Files had been conducting research on sources about the history of the Court of Auditors of the German Reich on behalf of the Federal Court of Auditors. The aim of the survey was to locate sources related to the activities of the Court of Auditors of the German Reich.

Archive of the DRK

Facts & Files is conducting archival service for the General Secretariat of the German Red Cross since 2013.

Vehicle Collection of Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin

Facts & Files was conducting research on the provenance of automobiles, motorcycles, trucks and busses which are in the collection of the Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin.

Expert Report for the University of Cologne

On behalf of the University of Cologne, Facts & Files had prepared a report which looks at the entanglement of the National Socialist regime with the university’s charitable foundations, honorary titles and grants awarded to academics and institutes.

Archival Description of the Minutes of the Berlin Senate

Commissioned by the Berlin State Archives Berlin Facts & Files is describing the files since 2019.

The record group contains the minutes of the Berlin Senate.

Research Project on Counterintelligence during the Cold War

commissioned by Professor Michael Wala of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Facts & Files is commissioned to conduct research on intelligence and counterintelligence operations of the Ministry for State Security at the archives of the Federal Commissioner for the Records of the State Security of the former German Democratic Republic.


Facts & Files authored articles in the Putzger Atlas and Chronicles of World History on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the PUTZGER collection.

This  expanded edition was an unique work of reference and compilation of maps concerning world history.

Who Was Who in Tibet?

During the first half of the twentieth century; the official representatives of the British-Indian Government for Sikkim, Bhutan and Tibet compiled comprehensive data on the society of Tibet. Frank Drauschke has collected copies of all ten versions of “Who’s Who in Tibet” from different archives in India, the United Kingdom and the United States. The aim of this project was to compile data from all the different versions into a database.

Archives of the Opposition in East Germany

The Foundation for Examination of the Dictatorship in East Germany funds several collections and archives which were established by opposition groups and the citizen-movement of the GDR. Commissioned by Stiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur, Facts & Files made an evaluation of their holdings and made suggestions for the conservation and proper registration of archival materials.

Myth Führerbunker

“Myth Führerbunker”, published in September 2003 by the publishing house Giebel Verlag, is a study by the journalist and historian Sven Felix Kellerhoff. Facts & Files assisted the author with the research on historical documents regarding the “Führerbunker”.

History of the Commerzbank from 1870 to 1958

Facts & Files did research for the project “History of the Commerzbank from 1870 until 1958” of the Chair of Contemporary History of the Humboldt University, Berlin, at German archives and the “Special Archive Moscow”.

2010 FIFA World Cup – Research on Moses Mabhida

Facts & Files was commissiond by the graphical designers Wangler & Abele to do research on Moses Mabhida. Facts & Files researched Mabhida’s biography, quotations, and photos of him.

Exhibition WeltWissen

In 2010, the city of Berlin celebrated the sciences with an exhibition at the Martin-Gropius-Bau.

 Facts & Files conducted research on scholars and scientists who had worked in Berlin. We traced their papers, footage and audio material and researched exhibits.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Research at German Archives

Facts & Files undertakes the registration of records for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), Washington D.C. within the framework of the “USHMM International Acquisitions Program”.

History of the Degussa-Hüls Corporation

Facts & Files searched for files which contain new information about the background and the protagonists of the confiscation of Jewish property in Austria after the 1938 annexation.

The Interactive Map of Europe

The Interactive Map of Europe – German Life in Middle and East Europe provides an insight in regions, in which Germans were settled – often since the Middle Ages. This multitouch table shows 58 single animations with a duration time of three hours.

Galerie Heinemann Online

Founded in 1872, the Munich based Galerie Heinemann was one of the most important German art dealing companies until it got “aryanized” by the National Socialists in 1938.

Travelling Exhibition “Shot in Moscow…”

Travelling Exhibition "Shot in Moscow..." German Victims of Stalinism at the Moscow Cemetery Donskoje 1950-1953 The Exhibition In addition to the book the travelling exhibition is designed to introduce to …

Research for the book “Sturmlegende” by Johannes K. Soyener

Facts & Files conducted background research for the novel by Johannes K. Soyener  in several German archives on the sinking of the “Pamir” in 1957.

Database on Jewish Residents in Germany from 1933 to 1945

commissioned by the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” and the Federal Archives

Facts & Files researched the backgrounds of Jewish emigrants, who were forced by the National Socialists to leave the German Reich after 1933.

Research Project “Erschossen in Moskau …” (Shot in Moscow…)

Research Project on German Victims of Stalinism

“Shot in Moscow…” was an international research project, supported by the Foundation for Examination of the Dictatorship in East Germany.

Research for the book “Among the Righteous” by Robert Satloff

Facts & Files conducted research at German archives on the persecution of Jews in North Africa during World War II. The American scholar and author Robert Satloff used these information for his study on Arabs who helped to save Jews from persecution.

Exhibition “Legalized Robbery”

Facts & Files conducted research on the German tax authorities and the looting of Jews in Hesse and Berlin during the Nazi Era for an exhibition at the German Historical Museum in Berlin.

Permanent Exhibition About the Special Camps of the Soviet Occupational Forces from 1945 to 1950

Facts & Files was commissioned by the Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum to conduct research on prisoners of the special camps.

The History of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution

Facts & Files was commissioned by Professor Dr. Constantin Goschler and Professor Dr. Michael Wala of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum to conduct research on biographies of former staff members of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz).

World Heritage at the Saale and Unstrut Rivers and the Naumburg Cathedral

As part of the application for recognition as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in 2012, Facts & Files prepared a study of the area’s High Middle Ages history. In 2018, the Naumburg Cathedral became World Heritage site.

WGA-Files Project

The WGA-Files online project on records of the Berlin restitution offices started on September 1, 2012. This project aims to provide information about restitution cases, in order to facilitate provenance research. The Berlin State Archive (Landesarchiv Berlin) supports provenance research since many years.

Collection Inventory of the Jewish Museum Berlin

Since August 2002, Facts & Files has been working organizing and registering works of art and other artefacts for the permanent exhibition and of the collection.

Tutankhamun – His Tomb and Its Treasures

The Tutankhamun exhibition breaks new ground in the presentation of acient Egypt history.

Facts & Files researched footage, illustrations and photographs, and created educational material, such as student work sheets.

History of the Dresdner Bank

Facts & Files was commissioned by the Hannah-Arendt Institute for Research on Totalitarianism, Dresden, to conduct an archive survey on records of the Dresdner Bank.

Research on Dispossession of Life Insurance Policies

Facts & Files was commissioned by the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (ICHEIC) to research information on life insurance policies purchased by European Jews before WWII. The project started in 2000 and was finished in 2003.


“Führer Museum Linz”

In 2008, Facts & Files was commissioned by the Federal Office for Central Services and Unresolved Property Issues (BADV) to conduct provenance research on 181 water colours, drawings, sculptures, and paintings.

Ostende, Kabelverlegung durch Zwangsarbeiter, 1941.

Expert Reports on Forced Labour

Facts & Files was commissioned by the foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” to produce expert reports on Jewish forced labor during the time of National Socialism in various European and North African states, such as Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco.

Advertisement for Auction at Paul Graupe Berlin, 1935.

Documentation on Berlin Art Auctions

Facts & Files compiled a database on Berlin auctions of art and cultural assets between 1933 and 1945. The auction files are preserved at the Berlin State Archives.

Website “Youth Opposition in the GDR”

Commissioned by the Federal Agency for Political Education and Robert Havemann Society, Berlin, is a German multimedia website focused on resistance and opposition of young people against the repressive East German government. is a crowdsourcing platform for the enrichment, such as transcription, annotation and geo-referencing of historical documents available through the Europeana Collections Portal.

Saxony at Work. Digital Industrial Culture

In 2020 the Free State of Saxony celebrated 500 years of industrial culture.

The project “Saxony at Work. Digital Industrial Culture” collected and transcribed historical sources online.

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