Supplementary Material for the Film “Rosenstrasse” by Margarethe von Trotta

Supplementary Material for the Film "Rosenstrasse" by Margarethe von Trotta

Margarethe von Trotta made a film about an real act of courageous women’s protest from the Nazi period, which even a few years ago scarcely anyone had heard about. During the so called “factory operation” in 1943, Jewish men and “half-breeds” were imprisoned in the building of the former welfare office of the Jewish Community Berlin at Rosenstrasse. At the risk of their own lives, wives, daughters, and other female relatives gathered in front of the building to demand the men’s release.


Facts & Files created the concept, conducted research and editing for a supplementary brochure about the film. The texts offer information on the history of the Rosenstrasse and the historical background of the film plot. Furthermore, the brochure introduces other examples for non-violent resistance from the past, as well as examples from today. Photographs, letters, leaflets, and quotations describe the resistance of the groups around Herbert Baum and Sophie Scholl against the Nazis, about the pacifist protest against racial discrimination in the USA during the 1950s, and show acts of moral courage from the 21st century. Parallel to these stories about courage, fear, hope, and resistance, the brochure includes suggestions and proposals for continuative project work with young people.

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A book about the film “Rosenstrasse” was published by the Berlin publishing house Nicolai Verlag. Detailed information under:


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