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Name: Ngagchen Rimpoche
Transliteration: sngags chen rin po che

Personal Name: Jigme Wangchuk
Transliteration: ‘jigs med dbang phyug

Born 1878 Died 1947 ***

Ngagchen Rim-po-chhe. Personal name Jigme Wangchuk. Born about 1878. Is a Hu-tuk-tu (Incarnation) and in 1932 was awarded the title of Ta Lama by the late Dalai Lama before his death. Is highly educated and very learned in religious matters. Is greatly respected by all classes. Ranks next to the Tashi Lama in Tashi Lhunpo. Fled to China in 1923 with the Tashi Lama, and was sent back to Tibet in 1931 to negotiate for the Tashi Lama’s return. He went back to China in 1932, and was again deputed by the Tashi Lama in 1933 for further negotiations at Lhasa. At the end of 1936 he again left Tibet for China and visited Peking and Nanking. He appeared to be making real efforts to bring about a settlement between the Tashi Lama and the Tibetan Government, but had many enemies among the Tashi Lama’s entourage, and it was reported in March 1937 that the Tashi Lama had dispensed with his services, but this was not definitely confirmed. After his separation from the late Tashi Lama he stayed in occupied China, where the Chinese suspected him of working for the Japanese. Returned to Tibet in 1939, and is now living in Shigatse [1942, 1945]. He died in January ’47.

Source: “Who’s Who in Tibet” 1938, 1942, 1945.