Seminars on Archvial Research

Seminars on Archvial Research

In cooperation with universities Facts & Files offers seminars for archival research.


During the winter semester 2009/10 Dr. Riem Spielhaus and Katrin Schütz conducted wiht the assistance of Frank Drauschke from Facts & Files, a seminar called “Archives in Berlin” at the Institute for Asian and African Studies at the Humboldt University, Berlin. The practice oriented course delivered insight into archival work and acquainted the students with less known research sources besides libraries and the Internet. In 2010, the “Prize for Good Teaching” of the Philosophical Faculty III was awarded to the seminar.

The students summarised their work experiences within the Berlin archives in a brochure. It is addressed to students from all different fields of study and contains advices for archival research, an overview of the most relevant Berlin archives as well as job training tips for those who consider a career as an archivist.

Following up from Summer term 2016  we are co-organising a seminar at Humboldt University on Indian sources in Berlin archives. The seminar is part of the MIDA project funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.


Summer term 2016/Winter term 2016/2017 Humboldt-University  DFG-Projekt MIDA  Research on Indian sources in Berlin archives: more Information
Summer term 2011 University of Heidelberg: more Information
South Asia Institute/Historical Institute: more Information
Excursion “Berlin Archives”: more Information
Winter term 2009/2010 Humboldt-University Berlin
Seminar “Archives in Berlin”


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