Corporate History of the Bilfinger SE

Corporate History of the Bilfinger SE 

Commissioned by the Bilfinger SE, Mannheim, Facts & Files conducted archival research for a survey to mark the 125th anniversary of the internationally renowned building company Bilfinger Berger SE, now Bilfinger SE.


In 1880, master builder August Bernatz completed his first major project in what was then the German province of Lorraine. In 1883, the builder settled in Mannheim and Grün & Bilfinger AG evolved from his company. Julius Berger Tiefbau AG and Berlinische Boden-Gesellschaft, were both founded in 1890. Research was done on its predecessors, such as Berlinische Bodengesellschaft AG, the Julius Berger Tiefbau AG, Berlin, as well as the Grün & Bilfinger AG, Mannheim.

A brief timeline on the corporate history is published online at the Bilfinger SE website here.


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