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“Fact-checking” and historical research are important keywords in the media world nowadays. In their pursuit of authenticity, film and TV productions draw on Facts & Files’ historical expertise. The company offers a screenplay editorial service, which involves script checking and other services, including suggesting historical locations, searching for contemporary witnesses and providing advice for set designs. Facts & Files prepares historical background information to be used for books, online projects, movies or podcasts by journalists and authors. Also, Facts & Files produces teaching resources for media and film projects.
Building at Berlin, Hohenzollernkorso 11, now Manfred-von-Richthofenstrasse, undated

Research on Julio Metal

Julio Metal was a banker and investor, who lived in Berlin and Vienna. His property was “aryanized” after 1933. He fled to the USA in 1938. His granddaughter produced the podcast “Recovering Julio” about the history of her family and Julio Metal.

Research for the book “Among the Righteous” by Robert Satloff

Facts & Files conducted research at German archives on the persecution of Jews in North Africa during World War II. The American scholar and author Robert Satloff used these information for his study on Arabs who helped to save Jews from persecution.

Henri Matisse, Femme assise dans un fauteuil / In einem Sessel sitzende Frau, 1921 © WDR/Helmut Metzmacher

Provenance Research for TV Documentary on the Gurlitt Case

Facts & Files researched several provenance information on paintings belonging to the collection of Cornelius Gurlitt for the TV documentary “Degenerated, Deprived, Discovered – The Trace of the Paintings” (“Entartet, enteignet, entdeckt – Die Spur der Bilder“).

Gerda’s Silence

Facts & Files undertook research for the documentary “Gerda’s Silence” by Britta Wauer

The documentary depicts the life of a woman who was born in Berlin. In 1944, she was deported to the death camp Auschwitz. She survived and emigrated to the United States. For many years she did not speak about her terrible experiences and the tragedy of her family.

“The Balkans in Flames”

Documentary produced by CineCentrum Deutsche Gesellschaft für Film- und Fernsehproduktion mbH for the German television channel ZDF info

The documentary by Franziska von Tiesenhausen and Klaus Kastenholz examine the history of Yugoslavia from World War One to the break-up of the Socialist Republic and civil wars.

Poster of the movie

In Heaven Underground

The filmmaker Britta Wauer traced the rich past of the cemetery and portrayed visitors from all different countries who talk about their childhood, their families and ancestors – who tell stories from Jewish, Berlin, and German history. Facts & Files did research for the documentary “In Heaven Underground – The Weissensee Jewish Cemetery” in German archives.

Photo Essay on the History of Soccer in Berlin from 1880 to 2006

Soccer has been played in Berlin for more than 100 years. Facts & Files compiled a photo book on Berlin soccer history, published by the Berlin publishing house Nicolai Verlag Berlin in spring 2006.

The Humanities

The ABCs of Humankind

The topic “Languages of Humankind” constitutes the framework for the Year of the Humanities. Language is the element common to all the different disciplines of the humanities. The constitutional link between tradition, continuity, topicality and future viability in the humanities can be experienced through language.

»People under Suspicion – The Ministry for State Security of the GDR«

What was the “Stasi”? Where and how did the “Stasi” work? What significance did the “Stasi” have for the East-German dictatorship? This educational film made by Franziska Schlotterer and Facts & Files gives the answers.

Documentary “From Bella Coola to Berlin”

Documentary "From Bella Coola to Berlin" On behalf of the Bella Coola to Berlin Productions Inc. In 1885, Adrian Jacobsen, a Norwegian artefact collector, brought nine Bella Coola (Nuxalk) Indians …

Press and Information Office of the Federal Government

Indexing of the photo holding

Commissioned by the Press and Information Office of the Federal Government, Facts & Files selected 5000 historical photographs from the holding of the Federal Photo Archive, which includes around two million pictures.


FÜHRER EX Teaching Resources for the Movie FÜHRER EX is the enthralling story of two young men from the GDR who blunder into extreme right wing groups. Winfried Bonengel wrote …

“Once in the GDR”

The documentary feature “Once in the GDR” – a co-production of MDR, WDR, and LOOKS Film- und TV GmbH – tells about the every day life in East Germany with means of old film material and the stories of eye witnesses. The feature was broadcasted in four episodes at First German Television Programme ARD in November 2004 and will be continued with ten additional episodes at MDR in 2005 and 2006.

Research and Script Consulting for the Movie “The Ninth Day” by Volker Schlöndorff

Research and Script Consulting for the Movie "The Ninth Day" by Volker Schlöndorff On behalf of the PROVOBIS GmbH, Berlin "The Ninth Day" is a German-Luxembourgian production of PROVOBIS FILM, …

Texts for the CD-ROM “History Digital. The Weimar Republic”

Texts for the CD-ROM "History Digital. The Weimar Republic" Commissioned by FWU Institute for Film and Picture in Science and Education. The CD-ROM “The Weimar Republic” is multifunctional educational software …

Subhas Chandra Bose – “The Last Hero of India”

Subhas Chandra Bose - "The Last Hero of India" Shown on German TV - 3SAT Kulturzeit 08.08.2003 The Berlin based media production company "werwiewas - medienproduktion" and the authors Nina …

Paris 1919

Paris 1919 Facts & Files undertook research for the documentary ‘Paris 1919’ by Paul Cowan. The film dramatises the post-World War One peace negotiations in Paris and the signing of …

Website “Youth Opposition in the GDR”

Commissioned by the Federal Agency for Political Education and Robert Havemann Society, Berlin, is a German multimedia website focused on resistance and opposition of young people against the repressive East German government.

Supplementary Material for the Film “Rosenstrasse” by Margarethe von Trotta

Supplementary Material for the Film "Rosenstrasse" by Margarethe von Trotta Margarethe von Trotta made a film about an real act of courageous women’s protest from the Nazi period, which even …

“Four Students Against Stalin”

Script Consulting

On December 20, 1949, Wilhelm Pieck – the president of the GDR – delivered a radio speech on the occasion of Josef Stalin’s seventieth birthday. Four students from Altenburg, Thuringia, decided to use this opportunity to educate the people of the freshly-founded GDR about Stalin being a mass murderer and dictator.

“The Secret of the Special Archive”

Facts & Files provided historical consultation for the documentary film “The Secret of the Special Archive” by the Russian production company Stresh in cooperation with the Russian archive administration.

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