The Interactive Map of Europe

The Interactive Map of Europe

German Life in Middle and East Europe

The Interactive Map of Europe – German Life in Middle and East Europe provides an insight in regions, in which Germans were settled – often since the Middle Ages.


The Foundation Zentrum gegen Vertreibungen produced three exhibitions on German expellees and their home countries. The exhibition “Heimatweh” combines these three exhibitions and was opened in 2012. For this exhibition Facts & Files curated an interactive panel on a multitouch table.

On March 20, 2012 the exhibition was opened in attendance of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Minister of Interior Hans- Peter Friedrich and the president of the Foundation Zentrum gegen Vertreibungen Erika Steinbach.

For this exhibition the Interactive Map of Europe was reworked and transferred with more content to multitouch tables.This multitouch table shows 58 single animations with a duration time of three hours. The users could learn something on the history of Germans settled in the regions from the Middle Ages to the early 20th century. Upper-Silesia, the Krim or the Dobrudscha and many others were portrayed. Important places, buildings, and people were covered. Other topics are the Protestant Reformation, the Silesian Weavers, Wine from the Caucasus region or horse breeding in Trakehnen in East Prussia.

The 46’’ multitouch display shows the topographic map of Europe, in which 24 regions are highlighted. The flash animation starts when the name of a region is clicked on. The map is programmed to allow interactive use.

Similar to smartphones the windows could be shifted, rotated and resized. The display is able to handle several users. After the click the window shows an animation film with pictures and texts.

For some regions several sub-chapters are available. The application was presented on two identical multitouch-table stations.

The Interactive Map was produced by Facts & Files and interactive scape Berlin. Facts & Files was in charge of curating, research, and editing.

For more information on the exhibition “Heimatweh” please visit the exhibition website.

The exhibition was on display from March 21, 2012 to June 24, 2012 at the Kronprinzenpalais, Unter den Linden 3, 10117 Berlin.


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