Texts for the CD-ROM “History Digital. The Weimar Republic”

DVD-Cover of "History digital. The Weimar Republic"

Texts for the CD-ROM "History Digital. The Weimar Republic"

Commissioned by FWU Institute for Film and Picture in Science and Education.

The CD-ROM “The Weimar Republic” is multifunctional educational software which invites pupils to immerse themselves in post-World War I German history in an entertaining and informative way.


With help of the tool “Experienced History”, students can embark upon a journey back in time to the legendary “golden” 1920s. They learn about the life of the ordinary people at one of the dark Berlin backyards and can also examine the glamorous side of the booming city as the economic and cultural centre of Germany. The tool “History Agency” provides practical tasks related to historical topics. The user has access to a rich spectrum of text and photographic sources and learns how to organize and design an exhibition. Supplementary background knowledge is delivered in information blocks with short texts, photographs and films about the early days of the Weimar Republic.

Facts & Files contributed information for the content of the information blocks. The company was also responsible for texts about the end of the war and Versailles, about the opposition against the democracy, as well as the daily life in the Weimar Republic.


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