Tutankhamun – His Tomb and Its Treasures

Exhibition Tutankhamun - His Tomb and Its Treasures

In 2007, Facts & Files was commissioned by Semmel Concerts to research footage for the exhibition on Tutankhamun. In 1922, the British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the tomb of the Egyptian king in the Valley of the Kings.


The Tutankhamun exhibition presents the tomb of Tutankhamun in great detail. More than 1,000 objects – perfect replicas produced under scientific supervision – are arranged in the exhibition. The photographer Harry Burton documented every aspect of the work in Tutankhamun’s tomb, from the first inventory-taking to the transfer of the last find to the museum.

Facts & Files conducted research on related footage, illustrations and photographs. We produced educational material, such as student work sheets and a card-game.

More information on the exhibition: www.tut-ausstellung.com

High-res scans of the walls of the chamber http://www.highres.factum-arte.org/Tutankhamun/

To discover the archive of Howard Carter please go to http://www.griffith.ox.ac.uk/discoveringTut/


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