Companies and associations authorize Facts & Files to uncover interesting details from their history. According to the client’s wishes, Facts & Files presents the rediscovered facts and background information either in form of a survey, an anniversary publication, or a multimedia production. With help of the Facts & Files, companies and associations are able to present information about their roots and traditions to their clients and members. This enhances trust in the company’s lasting experience and quality. Our archive service includes the indexing of unsorted records, as well as the finding and digitizing of documents, images, and maps. Facts & Files assists companies and associations with the establishment of their own archives and offers consultation on the maintenance of existing archives.

Saxony at Work. Digital Industrial Culture

In 2020 the Free State of Saxony celebrated 500 years of industrial culture.

The project “Saxony at Work. Digital Industrial Culture” collected and transcribed historical sources online.

Evaluating History Workshop Europe

In 2011 and 2012, Facts & Files and TimeKontor AG were evaluating the funding programm “History Workshop Europe” of the Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibilty and Future”. Geschichtswerkstatt Europa (History Workshop Europe) is a programme of the Foundation EVZ addressing the issue of European remembrance.

History of German Consumer-Policy

Since 2016, we are conducting research commissioned by the Federation of German Consumer Organisations on consumer-policy, historical milestones and consumer legislation.

The Archive of the Leipzig Public Transport Corporation

In 2000, the Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB – the Leipzig Transport Company) celebrated its 128th anniversary. Facts & Files was commissioned to compile an inventory of the company’s archive. The results of this work were published in a brochure which serves as a guide through the archive.

Corporate History of the Bilfinger SE

Archival Research

Facts & Files researched on the companies’ predecessors, such as Berlinische Bodengesellschaft AG, the Julius Berger Tiefbau AG, Berlin, as well as the Grün & Bilfinger AG, Mannheim. In 2009 and 2012, we researched at Polish archives.

Registration of Archival Holdings of the Company Telefunken GmbH

Telefunken was founded in Berlin in 1903. The company primarily manufactured broadcast transmitters and tubes. The company‘s extensive collection of documents, which is located in the archives of the Foundation German Museum of Technology, was compiled into a database by Facts & Files.

Scholz & Friends Agenda

Validation on Sculptures of the “Walk of Ideas”

On the occasion of the Soccer World Championship in June 2006, several sculptures that symbolized important German inventions were set up at prominent places in Berlin. Tourists and people from Berlin were invited to discover the monuments during a stroll on the “Walk of Ideas” through the capital.

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