Research for the book “Among the Righteous” by Robert Satloff

"Among the Righteous" by Robert Satloff

Research for the Book "Among the Righteous" by Robert Satloff

Research at German archives for the book by Robert Satloff, Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Facts & Files conducted research at German archives on the persecution of Jews in North Africa during World War II. The American scholar and author Robert Satloff used these information for his study on Arabs who helped to save Jews from persecution.
Robert Satloff is executive director of The Washington Institute, a Washington DC-based centre for Near-Eastern studies. The book “Among the Righteous: Lost Stories from the Holocaust’s Long Reach into Arab Lands” was published in October 2006.

Quote from the publisher’s announcement: “Was there an “Arab Schindler”? An “Arab Wallenberg”? Holocaust memorial institutions, like Israel’s Yad Vashem, have honored more than 20,000 people for saving Jews during World War II—but not a single Arab is listed among them. Seeking a hopeful response to the plague of Holocaust denial sweeping across the Arab and Muslim worlds, Robert Satloff set off on a quest to find an Arab hero whose story would change the way Arabs view Jews, themselves, and their own history. In this book—a mix of history, travelogue, and memoir—Satloff tells the story of finding much more.”



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