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Mitteilungen aus der zoologischen Sammlung des Museums für Naturkunde in Berlin, 1898

Cataloguing of archival documents at the Berlin Museum of Natural History

Facts & Files was commissioned by the Berlin Museum of Natural History in 2020 to catalogue archival records and coordinate the archive project.

The archive of the Berlin Museum of Natural History (Museum für Naturkunde) is based in the museum’s Historical Division. It contains more than 900 linear metres of archival records documenting the last 212 years of the museum’s history as well as the history of science. Some of the holdings there are being re-listed and indexed in a project.
From 1810 to 2009, the Museum für Naturkunde was affiliated with the Geological-Palaeontological Museum, the Mineralogical-Petrographical Museum and the Zoological Museum of the Berlin University, now the Humboldt University. In addition to documentation of expeditions and research, scientists’ papers can also be found in the archive.



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