Gerda’s Silence

Gerda's Silence

Facts & Files undertook research for the documentary “Gerda’s Silence” by Britta Wauer.

The documentary depicts the life of a woman who was born in Berlin. In 1944, she was deported to the death camp Auschwitz. She survived and emigrated to the United States. For many years she did not speak about her terrible experiences and the tragedy of her family.

Documentary – D 2008 – 95 Min. – Renting agency: Piffl Medien – Start of public screenings in Germany: 06. November 2008

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Facts & Files conducted research for the documentary in German archives.

The German journalist and film critic, Knut Elstermann, wrote a book about the life of this woman which was published in 2005 and became the inducement for the film.


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