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Facts & Files Digital Services GmbH is developing digital tools for crowdsourcing projects at GLAM institutions, companies and municipalities. The company was founded in May 2018. One of its first projects was the further development of

The online portal is a crowdsourcing and citizen science project for describing, annotating, transcribing and geo-referencing historical collections. The idea behind the transcription tool is to make handwritten sources more usable. This creates a competition between all registered users: the Transcribathon. The website is free and open to all.

How can museums, libraries, archives and other institutions participate?

Institutions have the opportunity to make parts of their digitized collection available on and start their own project. To do so, please contact us! Our projects „EnrichEuropeana“, „Sachsen at Work“ and „EnrichEuropeanaPlus“ will give you a good idea of how your institution can benefit from our community. With users from all over Europe and a collection of 321,000 documents in various languages, has a wide reach and the know-how to support your organization’s digital strategy.

What’s so special about

First of all, it’s a competition. Second, the users are not working alone. Third, all transcription are accessible for all users. And last, but not least: the transcriptions can be reviewed.

By enriching digitised heritage material, crowdsourcers can transform their data into useful digital resources. Creating machine-readable enrichments opens up new possibilities for the analysis, distribution and reuse of that material. Information that was previously only available in image formats can now be turned into text and rich data. Transcription and enrichment open up new possibilities for digital inclusion, enabling the text and data to be translated and automatically converted to audio, tactile graphics and braille.

In 2021, the EnrichEuropeanaPlus project began to update the Transcribathon platform with advanced handwriting recognition technology Transkribus, developed by READ-COOP. At the end of 2022, the new platform was launched.

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Europeana WWI

Discover unique first-hand accounts of the First World War and safeguard the stories for future generations by enriching the vast Europeana 1914-1918 collection

Europeana 1989

Learn more about the revolutionary 1989 by deciphering, transcribing and annotating fascinating, personal stories of the end of the Cold War

Sachsen at Work

As part of the 2020 Year of Industrial Heritage in Saxony, “Sachsen at Work” is a Transcribathon Run that celebrates 500 years of Saxony’s rich industrial culture.

Summer School of Public History Bremen

From June 13 to June 17, 2022, the first Summer School of the Public History Department at Bremen University was all about Transcribathon!

May 23, 2023: Honorary Mention European Union Prize for Citizen Science

23 May 2023 Europeana Transcribe received an honorary mention at the first Europea Union Prize for Citizen Science!

Jury Statement: „Europeana gives access to millions of cultural heritage items from institutions across Europe such as libraries, archives, museums or galleries. All of them share their media such as images, music or texts with a network of aggregating citizen scientists who enrich it with additional information. This hard work is designed as a creative, fresh as well as thought-provoking process, that in an unorthodox way empowers us to critically engage with our cultural heritage.“



Our Team

Narmin Gurbanowa
Web Designer, Project Assistant
Tommy Schmucker
Jasmin Salesevic
Software Developer
Beate Schreiber
Frank Drauschke


Facts & Files Digital Services GmbH

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VAT ID: DE 318982610
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Managing Directors: Frank Drauschke, Beate Schreiber

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