Die Geschaeftsidee 2002/01

Die Geschaeftsidee 2002/01

Company Biographer, by Burkhard Schmidt


More and more firms become interested in their history. Mostly by reason of anniversaries they publish their biographies in a book or a brochure. But they do not want university professors as authors, because it is all about marketing. Nowadays firm biographers are commissioned to write the company histories, and they differ from PR agencies in competence and profound research.

“Facts & Files Historical Research Institute Berlin

Founded in July 1999 by the historians and archive experts Beate Schreiber, Joerg Rudolph, and Frank Drauschke; one of the most successful enterprises of it’s branche; composed reports on archival holdings ranging from 50 – 150 pages on behalf of the Commerzbank, the Dresdner Bank, and the Leipzig transport company, 6 full time workers and between 20 to 90 freelance workers; Annual turnover approx. EUR 500.000,00″


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