Sueddeutsche Zeitung – 2000/07/22

Sueddeutsche Zeitung – 2000/07/22

In the Universe of the Archivist, by Constanze v. Bullion


The Federal Archive keeps at its location Dahlwitz-Hoppegarten among other things the Nazi files of the former GDR ministry of state security. The vast quantities of files overwhelm the archivists. The number of inquiries by numerous researchers pushes the archivists to their limits. They are rather occupied with giving information on historical issues than with securing the files, which is their original task Joerg Rudolph, one of the founders of Facts & Files, is very well familiar with the archives. Perhaps he knows the holdings even better than the archivists. For two years he had worked with these files for his dissertation. Now he and Facts & Files are being commissioned to research into facts and files for international organizations. Some archivists snigger at him and think of him as a nutcase. But with Facts & Files Rudolph wants to make the public archives more easily accessible.


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