Gerda’s Silence

Facts & Files undertook research for the documentary “Gerda’s Silence” by Britta Wauer

The documentary depicts the life of a woman who was born in Berlin. In 1944, she was deported to the death camp Auschwitz. She survived and emigrated to the United States. For many years she did not speak about her terrible experiences and the tragedy of her family.

“The Balkans in Flames”

Documentary produced by CineCentrum Deutsche Gesellschaft für Film- und Fernsehproduktion mbH for the German television channel ZDF info

The documentary by Franziska von Tiesenhausen and Klaus Kastenholz examine the history of Yugoslavia from World War One to the break-up of the Socialist Republic and civil wars.

In Heaven Underground

The filmmaker Britta Wauer traced the rich past of the cemetery and portrayed visitors from all different countries who talk about their childhood, their families and ancestors – who tell stories from Jewish, Berlin, and German history. Facts & Files did research for the documentary “In Heaven Underground – The Weissensee Jewish Cemetery” in German archives.

The Humanities

The ABCs of Humankind

The topic “Languages of Humankind” constitutes the framework for the Year of the Humanities. Language is the element common to all the different disciplines of the humanities. The constitutional link between tradition, continuity, topicality and future viability in the humanities can be experienced through language.