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Provenance research on the Wilhelm Hack Collection and the Municipal Art Collection of Ludwigshafen commissioned by the Wilhelm Hack Museum

From April 2016 to September 2019 Facts & Files had been researching on the provenance of several art pieces belonging to the Wilhelm Hack Museum in Ludwigshafen. The Wilhelm Hack Museum was founded in 1979 and includes the Municipal Art Collection of Ludwigshafen, and a collection of medieval and modern art donated to the city by Wilhelm Hack in 1973.

The project focused on medieval art pieces which were acquired by Wilhelm Hack in the 1930s, on the collection of modern art he accumulated in the 1940s, and on Expressionistic art pieces collected by the city of Ludwigshafen. The collection includes pieces of abstract art some from the Russian avant-garde and the De Stijl, as well as objects from the periods of Expressionism and Concrete Art. More about the history of the Wilhelm Hack Museum here.

The project was funded by the city of Ludwigshafen and the German Lost Art Foundation. More on the progress of the project could be found here.