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Research for the book "Sturmlegende" by Johannes K. Soyener

On September 21, 1957, the German four mast barque "Pamir" crossing the Atlantic Ocean was swept into hurricane Carrie and sank. 80 people, most of them young cadets, were pulled down into the depths and drowned. Europeans and Americans embarked on a major rescue operation using ships and planes. For weeks, the media on both sides of the Atlantic reported about the disaster, of which only 6 seamen survived.

50 years later, the author Johannes K. Soyener describes explicitly the backgrounds of the tragedy in his novel "Sturmlegende". The book was published in June 2007 by the publishing house Lübbe. Facts & Files conducted background research for the novel in several German archives and contacted both survivors and their families.

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Sturmlegende by Johannes K. Soyener