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Our motto is: Think History!

The portfolio of Facts & Files‘ services comprises research, presentation of historical topics to the public, and our archival services. We are working not only in Germany, but also worldwide.

Here is a brief overview: Facts & Files develops plans for strategic research (to know where to look for), produces research results digital and as databases, checks historical and biographical facts, transcribes documents, edits pictures, and produces oral history interviews.

We are drafting projects designs for History Communication, working as consultants and are organizing events, especially crowdsourcing collecting days. Also, we are archiving various materials, from photos over footage to records and digital files and producing finding aids. We are supporting archives to present their holdings online to the public.

Facts & Files is commissioned by museums, families and lawyers to conduct provenance research on works of arts, books, objects and assets.

The results of our work are presented online, in exhibitions, as a book or in expert reports.

History Communication

History Communication is PR for projects on historical topics. Crowdsourcing campaigns, collection days and road shows organized to collect historical materials for online archives are parts of our History Communication.


Within the field of legal proceedings, Facts & Files researches historical background information and provides expert reports on various legal questions, with historical aspects.

Media & Film

Facts & Files prepares historical background information for use by journalists and authors. Brochures, web pages, or CD-ROMs - Facts & Files designs and implements supplementary projects for movies, as well as educational material.

Culture and Academic

Exhibitions and publications are two results of these services. We are organising archives, conducting research and providing historical expertise.

Services for Businesses

Companies and associations authorize Facts & Files to uncover interesting details from their history. Our archive service includes the indexing of unsorted records, as well as the finding and digitizing of documents, images, and maps. Facts & Files assists companies and associations with the establishment of their own archives and offers consultation on the maintenance of existing archives.

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