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Art Collection of August, Serena und Erich Lederer

Since February 2020 Facts & Files has been researching the art collection of August, Serena and Erich Lederer on behalf of Ralf von Jacobs.

Serena Lederer was born on May 20, 1867 in Budapest as the daughter of Simon Siegmund Pulitzer and his wife Charlotte, née Politzer. On 5 June 1892 Serena Pulitzer married the industrial magnate August Lederer, born on 3 May 1857 in Bohemian Leipa. On the initiative of Serena Lederer, the couple collected works of art by Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and other artists.

August and Serena Lederer had three children: Elisabeth, Erich and Fritz.

An inventory of the collection has not been preserved. The art collection was confiscated by the National Socialists in 1938. In addition, in March 1938 there was a search of Serena Lederer's apartment, during which the Gestapo looted parts of the collection, namely hand drawings and watercolours.

The rest of the art collection remaining in Austria was then officially confiscated and "seized" by the Gestapo at the end of 1939. To this day it is only partially clear which works of art Erich Lederer got back from the Austrian state after the war. It is therefore necessary to reconstruct the Lederer Collection in order to identify further works of art and clarify their whereabouts.

The project is financed by the German Lost Art Foundation.


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 © ÖNB / Martin Gerlach, Vienna, number 465.840-D

Portrait of Serena Lederer, in her apartment in Vienna, Bartensteingasse No. 8, undated. Three paintings by Gustav Klimt "Wally", "Golden Apple Tree", and her own portrait "Portrait of Serena Lederer" on the wall.


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