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Life Insurance Claims of Victims of National Socialist Persecution

The International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance Claims (ICHEIC), Washington and London, initiated a procedure for the restitution of life insurance claims to victims of Nazi persecution and their relatives respectively. In order to prove the claims, an international research project was started.

From 2000 until 2003, Facts & Files organised local teams of freelance researchers to evaluate files in several European archives for the ICHEIC. Focusing on files concerning the confiscation of property and the persecution of the Jewish people by the Nazis, they searched for documents with information on life insurance policies. The data obtained was used for both documenting the claims and the publication of a list of names in the internet to stimulate the application process. About 600,000 files in more than 50 archives across 11 countries were sifted through. Documents with relevant information were scanned or copied and carefully recorded into a data bank. Altogether, information was collected on about 75,000 insurance policies of about 50,000 persons. Since many families had lost all papers regarding their policies, a lot of claims were only processed with the aid of the results of this research. 

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