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Provenance Research on

"Führer Museum Linz"

and the art collections of Adolf Hitler, Hermann Göring and Martin Bormann

In 2008, Facts & Files was commissioned by the Federal Office for Central Services and Unresolved Property Issues (BADV) to conduct provenance research. This research concerned the history of ownership of 181 water colours, drawings, sculptures, and paintings. The findings were collated in expert reports.

Today, the works of art are in the possession of the Federal Republic of Germany.

They had been originally collected by Hermann Göring (for his private collection), and also by Martin Bormann and Adolf Hitler, and for the collection of the "Special Commission Linz".  This collection, also known as for the  "Führermuseum" Linz was planned on the orders of Hitler, and was intended to become one of the most important collections of art in Europe.

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