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Exhibition "Legalized Robbery"

The German Tax Authorities and the Looting of Jews in Hesse and Berlin During the Nazi Era" at the German Historical Museum in Berlin

Commissioned by the Broadcasting Corporation of Hesse and the

Fritz Bauer Institute, Facts & Files conducted research on the interaction between local Berlin tax offices and art dealers who brought Jewish art collections into auctions. It researched detailed information about claims on loss of rent after Berlin Jews were deported to death camps.

The objects, documents and information found became part of the exhibition shown at the German Historical Museum from May 11 till September 11, 2005. Exhibits were loaned by the Fritz Bauer Institute and the Broadcasting Corporation of Hesse. Detailed information can be found at:
www.hr-online.de/website/rubriken/kultur/index.jsp?rubrik=3894 www.fritz-bauer-institut.de/ausstellungen/legalisierterraub.htm

The travelling exhibition was displayed in Frankfurt am Main, Marburg, Giessen, Darmstadt, Fulda, Kassel, Wetzlar, and Wiesbaden. The exhibition in Berlin also included a special feature concerning local issues. Find out more at: www.dhm.de/ausstellungen.


Media Coverage

Der Tagesspiegel, May 26, 2005

"Without any personal contact. The German Historical Museum documents the 'Legalized Robbery' by the Nazis"
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AVIVA Berlin, online-magazine, April 18, 2005

"Legalized Robbery"
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Deutschlandradio Kultur, May 11, 2005

"Looted Jewish property"
Interview with Micha Brumlik, Director of the Fritz Bauer Institute, about the exhibition "Legalized Robbery"
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RBB, "Stilbruch", May 11, 2005

"Exhibition 'Legalized Robbery'"

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