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Co-operation Partners

haGalil onLine

is the most important Jewish online magazine which is written in German and provides information on all areas of Jewish life.

Since August 2003, Facts and Files, together wuth haGalil, has offered a service called the Archive Detective.

Yoram Mayorek

Jewish Historical & Genealogical Research

The archivist and historian Yoram Mayorek offers independent historical research and consultation in Israel. Facts & Files and Yoram Mayorek cooperate closely on a wide range of international research projects.

Piktoresk Olaf Baldini

Olaf Baldini, Graphics Designer, specialized in animation, Flash and Actionscript. The graphic designer and web software engineer opened his office in Berlin in the year 2000. His projects are committed to user-friendly and customized Content Management Systems (CMS) for web pages. His clients are from retail sale, music industry, events management and acting from Germany, Austria and Great Britain.

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