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»People under Suspicion – The Ministry for State Security of the GDR«

What was the "Stasi"? Where and how did the "Stasi" work? What significance did the "Stasi" have for the East-German dictatorship? Reporter Malin Büttner and expert Dr. Ilko-Sascha Kowalczuk try to find the answers to those questions.

The educational film »People under Suspicion – The Ministry for State Security of the GDR« centres interviews with five eye witnesses. They talk about their experiences with repression in the GDR, their political actions and following consequences they had to endure during the dictatorship of the East-German communist party SED. The educational film is addressed to students at an age from 15 years on. 


A Joint Venture of Facts & Files, Pandora Neue Medien GmbH http://www.pan-open.de and Vision X Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH www.visionx.de , commissioned by The Office of the Federal Commissioner (BStU) www.bstu.de

The film can be watched online or ordered as DVD from the BStU.
Film at BStU

Directed by: Franziska Schlotterer www.nebulafilm.de
Script: Franziska Schlotterer, Frank Drauschke
Director of Photography: Holger Braune
Camera assistent: Hendrik Thul
Sound: Thomas Schneider,
Robert Sandow, Michael Dudek
Cutter: Marco Bölke
Production Management: Steffen Gronowski
Project Management: Frank Drauschke, Bettina Schoch
Didactics: Beate Schreiber

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