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Registration of Archival Holdings of the Company Telefunken GmbH

Facts & Files was commissioned by the Foundation German Museum of Technology, Berlin to organize and index the corporate files of the company Telefunken GmbH from the years 1903 till 1950 which are held at the German Museum of Technology, Berlin.

A team of Facts & Files archivists and historians, using the archival software AUGIAS, indexed the large record holdings. Herewith, the historically and economically interesting sources were made accessible for the public. In addition to the recording of the files into a database, Facts & Files was also responsible for all technical steps of the professional organization and conservation of the files. Following the database set up, Facts & Files compiled a finding aid that allows the visitors a simple and systematic access to the files.

From March until November, 2004, the German Museum of Technology showed a special exhibition on the history of Telefunken entitled “The Star of Telefunken – History of a World Company”. Facts & Files researched artefacts from the archive and delivered content for the exhibition.

Please see for the finding aid online here.


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