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Historical Research for Multimedia

World Congress of History Producers, Boston MA, 2001 October 19-22

HISTORY ASSOCIATES, Rockville, USA and FACTS & FILES, Berlin, Germany present their joint research facilities to producers of history documentaries and other multimedia creations.

Founded in 1981, History Associates Incorporated (HAI) is one of the oldest and largest historical services firms in America. For over two decades, HAI has provided quality professional services in historical research and writing to over 500 clients worldwide.

Established in 1999, Facts & Files - Historical Research Institute Berlin is the largest and most renowned firm for historical research in Germany. It has developed an international network of partners and freelance researchers specialized in finding historical sources in European archives and elsewhere.
Due to our vast international network and longstanding experience, we can provide you with a wide variety of services. Our highly skilled historians:

* Draw upon a wide range of expertise in American history, European history, including Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Eastern Europe and Russia; North African, Indian and Middle Eastern History; the history of science and technology, corporate history and management theory, labor history, military history, and social and political history.
* Have extensive experience providing historical content for and creating multi-media products, museum exhibits, documentary film research, and web-based publications.
* Include native and fluent speakers of Arabic, French, German, Italian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Czech, Polish, Hungarian and Spanish with extensive international research experience.
* Have the financial, technological, and human resources to undertake and complete large research projects in a professional and timely manner.
* Are trained in professional oral history techniques to conduct audio or videotaped interviews.
* Are skilled in searching for historical documents, photographs, audio materials, video footage, and source documents.
* Provide academic consulting and summarize the status of historical debates.
* Are familiar with international copyright provisions and experts in conducting research in the public domain.

James Lide
History Associates Incorporated
5 Choke Cherry Road, Suite 280
Rockville, Maryland 20850-4004
+1 (301) 670-0076


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