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2017 in Review

We wish you peaceful holidays and a Happy New Year!


We were commissioned by the City of Königs Wusterhausen to develop a concept by the end of 2017 on how the city history of Königs Wusterhausen can be communicated, experienced and discovered through monuments and memorials for tourists, residents and especially for young people.

ADN-ZB Grimm 30.7.1987 Berlin-Hellersdorf. © Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-1987-0730-009 / CC-BY-SA


As part of a project of the Department of Economics at the University of California Santa Barbara, we conducted research at the German Federal Archives Berlin on statistical material of the construction industry in the GDR.  

Ausstellungsansicht ABSTRAKTIONEN - Werke aus der Sammlung von Popowa bis Nicolai, Raum Kosmos © © Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, 2016, Foto: Johannes Vogt


Traces of the Reformation can be found everywhere! As part of the Transcribathon Romania we were given the chance to vist the old ASTRA library in Sibiu, where this issue of the 'Erotemata Dialectices' by Phillip Melanchthon came into our hands. The handwritten notes in the book remind us that there is still a lot of work to be done for future transcription compeititions!


We were in charge of the digitisation of 'Einigkeit', the magazine for members of the German Food, Beverages and Catering Union (NGG). 'Einigkeit' began publication in 1925, and was at that time the organ of the German Association of Workers in the Food and Beverage Industries.


On 20th May 2017, the German Working Group for Applied History/Public History conducted a workshop in Frankfurt am Main. Practical questions were discussed including pricing, cooperation and competition. A few days later, the annual conference of the International Federation for Public History (IFPH - FIHP) took place in Ravenna, at which we also partipated.


From 22th June 2017 to 23rd June 2017, the Europeana Transcribathon Campus Berlin 2017 took place in the State Library of Berlin. During these two days, our participants managed to transcribe 407 documents, which amounted to almost 250,000 characters in only 28 hours - what an achievement! In addition, our teams made 614 enrichments to the documents and geo-tagged 120 locations during this short time.

 © Facts & Files


18 years of Facts & Files! We finally reached adulthood! On 1st July 2017, we celebrated our 18th birthday. 



Ausstellungsansicht ABSTRAKTIONEN - Werke aus der Sammlung von Popowa bis Nicolai, Raum Kosmos © © Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, 2016, Foto: Johannes Vogt


We continued our provenance research on artworks from the Wilhelm Hack Museum in Ludwigshafen , which had begun last year. By April 2017, the origins of 38 artworks were determined. From September 2017, the provenance research led us to archives in Frankfurt am Main and Den Haag. More progress will follow.

 © Facts & Files


Geneological research not only leads us to church records and documents of registry offices, but also to the great outdoors in overgrown cemeteries, such as this one in Lgiń (Wschowa, Poland).

 © Facts & Files


The German Museum of Technology digitised its collection of Radios from AEG-Telefunken. We helped to edit the datasets from this collection for online publication. 


Transcribathon Europeana 1914-1918 wins the Impact Challenge  at the Europeana Network Association AGM in Milan. Out of the group of ten competitors , we won the challenge, receiving a year's support from Europeana to carry out an Impact Assessment on the project.

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